Window Filming

There are many types of window film and vinyl available for a wide variety of uses, like solar heat reduction, UV protection, privacy, safety, security and decorative applications. Window films and vinyls offer more individual glass solutions, from subtle tints to bold colours.

Whether your looking for something different or trying to match existing we can source films to suit any requirement. Fitting window films to a high standard is not easy, it requires experience and some specialist tools,Wholesale Glass can supply glass with your choice of film already applied, ready to fit.

Typical films we supply are:

  • Solar control in high reflective silver or neutral tint.
  • Used to reduce glare by up to 85% and excessive solar heat by up to 80%
  • Clear 100 - 250 microns.
    Used for safety and enhanced security by preventing splintering and flying shards of glass.
  • Opaque or 'frosted'.
    Used for privacy, allowing light but keeping out prying eyes.
  • White and coloured vinyl.
    Used for total obscuration that can closely match frame or corporate colours.

It is strongly recommended that all filmed glass is fitted with the filmed face internal to prevent weathering.

Window filming is processed by Wholesale Glass, with most types and thicknesses of glass including:

Float, laminated, toughened and heat soaked and IGUs.

Any thickness from 3mm to 25mm.

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