UV bonding in a coffee table
UV bonding in a table
U.V Bonding

U. V Bonding gives a virtual invisible joint, it allows glass to be bonded to glass, metal or wood. Ultra violet light is used when curing the adhesive, this technique creates a joint as strong as the glass itself which eliminates the need for mechanical fixings.Glass structures can be created to design and incorporate bonded fittings like table legs, drawer runners, hinges, handles and locks.

Typically used for:

  • Display counters, show cases, shelves and tables.
  • Domestic and commercial furniture.

U.V Bonding is processed by Wholesale Glass, with most types and thicknesses of glass including:

Mirror, float, laminated, toughened and heat soaked.

Any thickness from 6mm to 25mm.

UV bonding in a coffee table
UV bonding in a TV stand

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