Screen printed glass on the front of office buildings
Screen Printing

Screen printed toughened glass is designed for use in architectural, industrial or transportation environments to provide obscuration and/or decoration. At Wholesale Glass we use a ceramic frit, that is abrasion resistant and fired permanently into the surface of the glass.

For artwork, a design is re-produced as a photo stencil on a silk mesh printing screen. The design is then transferred on to float glass by the normal silk screen print method of ink forced through pin sized holes in the mesh. After printing, the glass is toughened in the normal manner where the ceramic paint becomes incorporated into the glass surface.

Typically used for:

  • Balustrades, doors, partitions, canopies, glass floors and spandrel panels.
  • Total concealment, shading, privacy and high volume coloured panels.
  • Single glazing, double glazing and structural glazing.

Screen printing is processed by Wholesale Glass, on toughened and heat soaked glass which can if required be laminated or form part of an IGU.

Any thickness of glass can be screen printed from 4mm to 25mm.

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