Laminated glass on a building
Laminated glass in a stairwell

Using an autoclave-free glass laminator, the very latest advancement in this field, Wholesale Glass are able to produce bespoke laminated glass to fulfil a variety of requirements. Glass can be laminated in the conventional 3 ply method, or multiply by adding additional layers. Can also be finished with stepped edges.

Laminating options include:

Toughened laminated glass configurations. Coloured translucent PVB interlayers.

A variety of veneers, fabrics and metal mesh's within the PVB interlayer.

'Cracked ice' glass. The effect created by breaking an internal layer of toughened glass sandwiched between two layers of unbroken glass.

Quality marked bullet resistant laminated assemblies.
Quality marked ballistic resistant laminated assemblies.

Note: The above are configured as per clients requirements and/or specific threat level.

Typically used for:

  • Glass floors, stair treads, canopies, fins and beams.
  • Personnel protection screens in banks, building societies, airports, post offices, betting shops, petrol filling stations and cash desks.
  • Domestic and commercial glazing.

Laminating is processed by Wholesale Glass, with most types and thicknesses of glass including:

Float, laminated, toughened, heat soaked.

Any thickness from 4mm to 25mm.

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